How to unblock the smart card PIN ?

How to unblock the PIN of a smart card on Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 2008, Windows 2012

Enable the integrated unblock screen

By default, the integrated unblock screen is not available. To activate it, you have to enable the policy “Allow Integrated Unblock screen to be displayed at the time of logon“.

The following smart card Group Policy settings are located in Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\Windows Components\Smart Card.”

You can get more detail on this policy on technet.


Go to the integrated unblock screen

Press control-alt-delete on an active session. Press “Change a password”.


Press “Other Credentials”.

Windows 7 x64-2014-11-15-17-35-09

Select the smart card reader.

Windows 7 x64-2014-11-15-17-35-26

If the following screen is not shown, the integrated unblock screen is not active. Check the box “Unblock smart card”.

Windows 7 x64-2014-11-15-17-37-14

Retrieve the challenge. In the example, it is 1603 EBDF 1C8A 2E72.

Windows 7 x64-2014-11-15-17-37-20

Compute the response

Download the Response Calculator from Gemalto. (the tool is compatible with all minidrivers).

Enter the challenge given by the integrated unblock screen and enter the admin PIN.


Enter the response and the new PIN

Windows 7 x64-2014-11-15-17-45-02

Windows 7 x64-2014-11-15-17-45-15

How to unblock the PIN of a smart card on Windows XP or Windows 2003

By default, Windows XP do not support smart card having a minidriver instead of a CSP. To support minidriver, the component Base CSP MUST be installed. If the base CSP has not been installed, there is a lot of chance that your smart card do not have a minidriver and as a consequence, be not compatible with this procedure.

Clic on start -> run then enter “pintool”.


Switch to the Unblock tab and follow the same instructions to compute the response than for Windows Vista and later.

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