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Our strategy : “Provide solutions to enhance PKI usability for login”

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How to secure your data centers when your critical infrastructure is administrated by contractors with just a password everyone knows ? How to prevent targeted APT (Advanced Persistent Threats) attacks where a malware collects administrators’ cached credentials ? How to prevent hardware keylogger from stealing passwords ?

Current solutions provided by the US government or Microsoft mitigating these threats involve smart cards. But due to trust and technical issues, it is taking too much time and has not reached its goals yet.

Should you design your own PKI or integrate existing ones ? Must you use PIV smart cards as stated by the HSPD-12 directive? Can you use EID smart cards, described by the European directive 1999/93/EC and provided by numerous governments ?

My Smart Logon offers advices, tools and software to help secure your critical assets wherever they are in data center or mobile devices.

My Smart Logon offers

Cost alternatives to brand new Active Directory Smart Card deployment

My Smart Logon is providing a solution, SmartPolicy, to integrate existing cards like CAC or EID into an existing Active Directory and we are providing, when flexibility is needed, a solution, EIDVirtual, to transform instantly and remotely an USB Key into a Virtual Smart Card.

Solutions for stand alone computers

My Smart Logon is providing EIDAuthenticate as an alternative to the password logon.

Expertise for manufacturers and integrators

My Smart Logon is providing consulting services and tool design when custom security protocols are needed.