OpenPGP card mini driver – Get your OpenPGP smart card recognized on Windows

Download the OpenPGP card minidriver.

Overview : OpenPGP card mini driver

The OpenPGP Card is a specification of an ISO 7816-4,-8 compatible smartcard and also an actually available implementation of this specification as a standard sized card.

However the card can’t be used to logon with active directory or with the EIDAuthenticate program because it didn’t have a crypto api driver so it. To solve this issue a mini driver was developed.

To generate a certificate on the card, check out this link.

OpenPGP card mini driver - card layout


1. Can I use the driver out of the box to logon on Windows ?

Well no. To be compliant with Windows test procedures, the card must be considered as a read only driver. You have to generate a key and a certificate using a third party program.

Use gpg –card-edit / admin / writecert 3 < mycertificate.der to import a certificate saved as X509 binary encoding (reference). Don’t forget to check that the public key published on the certificate matchs the public key of the smart card. You can do so using “certutil -scinfo”

2. Does the minidriver works with Windows XP ?

The version of the minidriver published doesn’t work on Windows XP. However, it should require a few modification to be compatible. Feel free to get the source code and submit to us your modification.