Community Edition

eidauthenticate-windows8 Download the latest Community Edition release: (2013-01-20)

Note : The Community Edition works only on Home Editions of Windows. The use of EIDAuthenticate Community Edition within any organization or for commercial purposes is prohibited.

We have removed the download link to the community edition because Windows 10 has added a new feature which can be used in some case on Windows 10 to bypass the login screen. The Enterprise edition is unaffected. A new release is in preparation to rebase the Community Edition source code (unmaintained since 2013) to the Enterprise Edition source.

Enterprise Edition

The Enterprise Edition be purchased here. Don’t hesitate to test EIDAuthenticate before making a purchase decision. Here is the user and functional documentation :

Smart Policy

Smart Policy be purchased here. Download : Smart Policy – stage 1

Smart Policy – stage 3



EIDVirtual be purchased here. Download :

Note : EIDVirtual must be registered after 30 days if you use it on a Pro or an Enterprise edition of Windows

NFC Connector

Light edition:

Enterprise edition:

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OpenPGP card mini driver

Download :


openpgpmdrv_logo Latest release :

For older release, you can browse the Wald website.

 Source code

You can get the latest version of the source code using : svn checkout


Developper tool used to collect APDU exchanged. Compatibility from Windows Vista to Windows 10 (Windows XP is known to be working). Both x86 and x64.

See this page.