eidauthenticate-windows8Enterprise Edition

The Enterprise Edition be purchased here. Don’t hesitate to test EIDAuthenticate before making a purchase decision. Here is the user and functional documentation :

Smart Policy

Smart Policy be purchased here. Download : Smart Policy – stage 1

Smart Policy – stage 3



EIDVirtual be purchased here. Download :

Note : EIDVirtual must be registered after 30 days if you use it on a Pro or an Enterprise edition of Windows

NFC Connector

Light edition:

Enterprise edition:

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OpenPGP card mini driver

Download :


openpgpmdrv_logo Latest release :

For older release, you can browse the Wald website.

 Source code

You can get the latest version of the source code using : svn checkout


Developper tool used to collect APDU exchanged. Compatibility from Windows Vista to Windows 10 (Windows XP is known to be working). Both x86 and x64.

See this page.