Configure smart card logon (advanced)


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Results guaranteed once the smart card installation has been checked (money back guaranteed if the card cannot be configured) or no refund will be made if the smart card installation has not been checked before. Please check with us before making a purchase Configure smart card logon Requirements:

  • An Active Directory domain AND the component ADCS installed on the domain
  • 5 workstation with 5 smart card reader & 5 cards (brand new card or EXISTING ONE)
  • A conference call connection to a domain controller computer, to the server hosting the ADCS component and to the workstations to configure
  • A domain administrator of the domain (not a local administrator)
  • Optionally access to the user account to configure

What is done:

  • Configuration of FIVE smart cards for smart card logon on FIVE single workstation
  • Test for smart card logon
  • Optional configuration of the “force smart card” or “lock the workstation on smart card removal” policy
  • Demonstration on how to create the card on behalf end users (advanced enrollment)

Not included:

  • Configure more than FIVE smart cards
  • Configure more than FIVE single workstations
  • Debugging any problem
  • Download any driver