Security Expertise

Common Sign On to Single Sign On

Mysmartlogon has developed a wide range of web server plugins to adjust on the fly authentication messages.

We can for example rewrite NTLM source domain in the Windows Integrated Authentication, when large corporate domain are not trusted, using an ISAPI filter on IIS (see Microsoft KB254787).

Password synchronization

We have the expertise to develop custom passwordfilter libraries running on domain controllers to synchronize passwords among many systems including Windows and unix. We can also work directly with the SAM (security account manager) database.

Integrating to Windows custom authentication protocols or devices

Mysmartlogon can develop Credential Provider, Gina DLL, Authentication package (SSP/AP), Security Support Provider (SSP), Kernel SSP, compatibility with NegoEx for custom authentication protocol or security devices like smart card. As a proof of our knowledge, you can look at the project EIDAuthenticate, our solution to allow smart card logon on stand alone computer.

Smart card mini driver

Integrating smart card, especially EIDs, can be difficult because most software vendors are providing bugged software.

Is that because they lack development skills or because they don't know how the smart card can be used ? Yes, developing a CSP or a mini driver requires specific competences as this critical component can be loaded in the Windows security kernel. Common mistakes includes : user caching, incompatible with the SYSTEM account, don't work under SILENT contexts, can't enumerate key containers, incompatible with Microsoft Update ...

At MySmartLogon we know what we are doing : we have already developed numerous minidriver, like the Open PGP smart card mini driver or the EIDVirtual mini driver, and provided bug reports to numerous software companies.

Ask Mysmartlogon for a qualified mini driver, compliant with Microsoft tests, ready to be autodeployed by Microsoft Update !

Our minidriver service includes :

  • Optional consulting services to review the smart card specifications
  • A three layers software architecture (interface, functional and IO)
  • Technical specifications
  • Commented source code
  • Compiled and packaged driver (.msi)
  • Support for the certification process